Bulls & Bears

Independent Equity Research, Investment and Consulting company

Company info

Bulls & Bears OÜ is  research and investment company that focuses on the stock exchanges of Helsinki and Tallinn. We have one simple aim in mind: how to beat the market through right timing and stock picking. This is how we outperform the market and create value for our clients. Our research is  available only for our clients that require top-notch fundamental research, often regarding a specific market situation. Our research is always tailor-made for our customers needs and we also consult investors regarding the market sitution, macroeconomics, valuation models and other aspects regarding the stock markets. Bulls & Bears was formed in 2006 and its located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our expertise

  • Understanding the stock market drivers
  • Valuation of both the general market as well as individual companies
  • Stock picking especially in our core markets of Helsinki and Tallinn
  • Valuation models (consulting)
  • Understanding the connection between macro and stock market

Business model - quality over quantity

Bulls & Bears is currently not actively looking for new clients - we are more than happy with the current clientele and and our limited resources are almost fully utilized. Our current strategy is to fulfil a little niche in the markets and we are currently not interested in significant growth or entering in the retail research market. We strongly believe in the 80/20 principle and also use it with our clients. Therefore we do not actively market our services or aim them to the general public. Still, if you are interested in our research, contact us at info@bullsandbears.eu and we can see what we can do for you.